Club History

The Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club was formed in 1984 to serve Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.  It is a regional club of the American Paint Horse Association of Fort Worth, Texas.  The purpose of the club is to promote and stimulate interest in the American Paint Horse by encouraging paint breeding for conformation and ability.  The GLAPHC sponsors and encourages Paint classes in all horse shows, pleasure and trail riding, and all activities, by promoting good horsemanship and sportsmanship.  We want to educate horse owners in the qualities  of the American Paint Horse as a wonderful addition to their family, as they are the best all around family horse you can find!  The horses pictured below were perfect examples of the qualities that are found in the American Paint Horse.  Iggy Harrington from California on Sun Deck 1983 and Floyd Danley showing a colt for Mishawum Farm, Freedom, New Hampshire in Ventura, CA in 1989.  GLAPHC celebrates over 30 years of promoting the American Paint Horse!