Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club

Membership is easy. You do not need to own a Paint Horse, or any horse to join our club.  All ages are welcome with a special family rate.  Pay the membership fee and you are good to go. Our club meets once a month.  Meeting are informal and everyone is welcome to attend.


Memories from the Ventura County Fair Open Horse Show

Our club promotes and stimulates interest in the American Paint Horse by:


Encouraging paint breeding for correct confirmation and ability in all disciplines

Promoting interest in the American Paint Horse as a breed

Sponsoring and/or encouraging American Paint Horse classes in all horse shows: pleasure and trail riding, racing, and all activities of the same nature in every way possible.

Promoting good horsemanship and sportsmanship

Educating the public about the qualities of the American Paint Horse and the American Paint Horse Association.

Awards Program

The Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club wants to encourage it's members to promote their Paint Horse. We have a comprehensive awards program called the Paint Performance Program. It is offered to all APHA registered Paint horses including Breeding Stock or Solid Paint Bred horses.


NEW COLOR Promotion Program

We are now offering awards for unregistered horses that display American Paint Horse Coloration.